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Customer vs. Independent Business Owner

Become A Part of The Four Corners Alliance Group Experience!

CUSTOMER vs. Independent Business Owner

Here in 4Corners, we value our Customers and our Independent Business Owners alike and look to offer the best experience in every situation. We would like you to make the best of your association with us – and have listed below some important facts you should be aware of to enable you to choose wisely.

There are three ways in which you can become part of the 4Corners life enhancing experience.

  1. Retail Customers: Purchase our exclusive product range from an Active Independent Business Owner Member’s Retail Store at the full retail price.
  2. Non-Qualified Independent Business Owners: Can buy and sell our range of powerful products at discounted prices – but they cannot earn commissions resulting from a team business build. All Independent Business Owners earn from retail sales.
  3. You, as an Independent Business Owner (Member): Can purchase our exclusive Financial Education Series from your own Back Office or Retail Store at 30% members’ discounted price PLUS benefit from commissions resulting from a business build based on the sale of the Financial Education products.

The qualifications / benefits are listed below –

Qualifications/Benefits Retail Customer Non-Qualified Independent Business Owner Active Independent Business Owner
Purchase Products from the Retail Store
Sell Products from the Retail Store
Has paid the $8 administration fee
Purchase part one or any one of the bundles 1-6 of the exclusive product range at discounted Membership Price
Benefit from commissions on products sold and also from powerful residual and matching commissions

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