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You’ll be armed with the most elite, proven, in demand products that you will be proud to bring to your marketplace. You’ll have an almost unfair competitive edge that will keep your confidence high and your spirits higher.

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Multiple Languages

We have translated our exclusive Financial Education Series in nine languages. We have English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Arabic, Mongolian, Swahili, and Chinese.

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Timeless Knowledge

Our products where created with the customer in mind! Our writers are financial services industry professionals, arming you with the groundbreaking knowledge you need to reach long term financial security.

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The Four Corners Alliance Group - Powerful, Affordable, Fast!

Join the financial revolution which is sweeping the four corners of the world...


The first of our products is a robust set of 50 books, distributed through six purchase levels, with timely and engaging Financial topics
with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from mindset and motivation to some serious financial education that will put the control back where it belongs... with you.

  • Product Level 6!

    This is our most extensive product level. Packed with value and ready for your consumption!

  • Learn to Manage Time Efficiently

    Included at this product level is an ebook package to help you manage your time to the best of your abilities.

  • Financial & Investment Knowledge

    Gain insider knowledge about financial tips and tricks as well as a wealth of investment information!



I Have been working for the banking industry for a few years now. It been good to me one of the best companies you can work for but I needed something more. I needed to find something else in my life that can set me free from the bondage of life. I deeded residual income. Four corners gave me what I was looking for flexible hours and not to mention makinging money while I sleep. I have 3 kids any they all look up to me I am the bread winner but I don't want to leave this world and be forgotten with time. I want to leave a legacy wealth to last a life time. With my four corners business my family will have money for years to come even when I am gone. I made a choice. Do u want to live a life like mine?


Top Notch Support

Our IT and Support Departments are second to none. With a vested interest in the business, it is to everyone’s advantage that things run as smoothly as possible.

Cutting Edge IT

We implement the most cutting edge IT solutions to our software and our business platform.

Knowledgable Leaders

We pride ourselves at providing you with only brightest minds in leadership to spread their knowledge to you!

The Four Corners Alliance Group - Powerful, Affordable, Fast!

Join the financial revolution which is sweeping the four corners of the world...