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Now we have two incredible, must-have products easily and instantly downloadable and/or accessible directly in your Back Office.

You have three powerful options to build your business.

  1. A cutting edge financial education series, arming you with the groundbreaking knowledge you need to reach long term financial security.
  2. Weekly participation to a powerful online marketing, and Entrepreneur education newsletter

Financial Education Set

The first of our products is a robust set of 45 books, distributed through six purchase levels, with timely and engaging Financial topics with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from mindset and motivation to some serious financial education that will put the control back where it belongs–with you. We’ve placed a unique business emphasis on helping you reach your full potential and explode your income so you can take your lifestyle to thrilling new plateaus.

If you have chosen to join as a distributor, there are six entry points, in the education series, at the members’ discounted purchase prices. Modules will be purchased at the special membership rates from your commissions generated by working your business. As a Sponsor, this is not a requirement, but optional.

Since 4Corner’s exclusive products are worth their weight in gold, you can even purchase these products at your own discounted rates, directly from inside your Members Only Back Office without waiting to first accrue sufficient commission!

Plus you can immediately start marketing your Retail Store to the public and earn a bigger retail commission.

LEVEL 1 – Book 1: Financial Literacy – Understanding Precious Metals Investments

This book uncovers the facts about popular and lesser known precious metals. This book examines the historical facts behind the driver’s of precious metal values.

You will learn about lesser know exotic precious metals as well as well-known metals like Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

*LEVEL 1 – Bonus 1: Financial Literacy – The Essentials


Chapter 1: Home Based Business: Ten Tips For Success
Chapter 2: Tips And Strategies On How To Maximize Your Personal Finances
Chapter 3: Debt Restructuring – Helping You Gain Control Of Finances
Chapter 4: The Importance Of Planning Your Retirement And The Consequences Of Not!

*LEVEL 1 – Bonus 2: Financial Literacy – How To Start Your Own MLM Business

LEVEL 2 – Book 1: Binary Options and Strategies Simplified

This is where we demystify these limited risk contracts so that you can better understand the risks and rewards associated with these exciting strategies. You will discover how to watch for illegal activity, how to invest through regulated entities, how to realize huge investment gains and much more!

LEVEL 2 – Book 2: Bitcoin and Crypto: A Guide for the Rest of Us

Could this be the next ATM? Is Crypto the future of currency? Is Bitcoin all it’s cracked up to be? These questions and many others are answered in this straightforward, robust guide that will help you navigate the choppy waters of Bitcoin and Crypto and come out ahead—way ahead—of those who are not in the know. This guide even includes an incredible infographic on how a Bitcoin transaction works!

LEVEL 3 – Book 1: Credit Card Debt

(Also available in Spanish)


Chapter 1: Credit – understanding the genesis of bad credit.
Chapter 2: Credit rating: – how you are scored.
Chapter 3: Your credits score – how you can improve it.
Chapter 4: Credit report – its effect on your personal credit
Chapter 5: Your personal credit report: – how you can correct errors
Chapter 6: Credit Repair Company: – a blessing or a curse.
Chapter 7: Absolute truth about credit repair companies
Chapter 8: Credit cards: – types and what you need to know about them

Chapter 9: Shopping for a new Credit Card: – Important tips to consider.
Chapter 10: The Do’s and don’t of the credit card game.
Chapter 11: How to get the credit card of your choice.
Chapter 12: Buy Now Pay Later – Disadvantages of using a credit card and how to get over it.
Chapter 13: How to avoid high interest charges on your credit card.
Chapter 14: How to get a loan even if you have bad credit.
Chapter 15: Important Credit Card Plan terms you must consider.

*LEVEL 3 – Book 2: Exchange Traded Funds: The Inside Story

The more you know about exchange traded funds, the the more you will be inspired to take action with your own financial goals. This remarkable guide will provide you with all the insider information you’ve been missing, while giving you a clearer path to charting your own course for long term growth.

*LEVEL 3 – Book 3: Economics – The truth behind the spin


  • The World Economies today
  • Definition of Economics
  • Technical definition of Economics
  • How Markets Work
  • Economic Cycle
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Effect of Lowering Interest Rates
  • Effect of Raising Interest Rates
  • Demand for goods and services
  • Definition of Demand
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Definition of Supply
  • Money and Banking
  • So how did money come to be?
  • So how do Central Banks actually move Interest Rates?
  • Money Supply!
  • Banking
  • Measuring Economic Performance
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Business Cycle
  • Economic Growth
  • Definition of the Business Cycle
  • Government and the Economy
  • The Global Economy
  • Contrasting two Economic Powerhouses: USA and China
  • Conclusions

*LEVEL 4 – Book 1: Multiple Streams of Income

Developing and solidifying numerous lucrative income streams is the holy grail of every forward thinking investor, and this guide will walk you through how to make that happen with less risk and more benefit than if you attempted to do it on your own. This is a must read if you want to feel better about your future in an uncertain financial climate.

*LEVEL 4 – Book 2: Hedge Funds – Why Investors Love Them And Why You Should Too

Hedge funds can make people rich, it’s that simple. Or is it? The fact is, there’s a lot to know about how to make these enigmatic funds work in your favor. That’s what this guide is all about.

LEVEL 4 – Book 3: The Insiders Guide to Swing Trading

What’s the difference between swing trading and day trading? Is it more or less risky? How can I make it work in my favor? In this guide you’ll discover all you need to know about this fascinating trading strategy while arming yourself with swing trading techniques normally reserved for the seasoned pros.

LEVEL 4 – Book 4: Debt Crisis


  • Understanding Debt
  • What Are Expenses?
  • Exploring your own debt
  • Create A Budget
  • Control High Interest Debt
  • Find Your Hidden Money
  • Debt Counseling
  • Refinancing A Mortgage
  • Know Your Rights
  • How To Deal With Creditors
  • Debt Consolidators
  • Sell Off Assets
  • Bankruptcy
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Start Saving

LEVEL 4 – Book 5: How to Get Out of Debt and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

There is 11 trillion dollars worth of debt in the world today, so getting yourself out of your own piece of this pile should be a top priority if you are serious about financial security in the long term. This guide will give you the ins and outs of managing your loans, dealing with collectors, debt consolidation, setting a budget and much more. It will also tell you when the red flags should go up when it comes to dealing with those dubious debt settlement companies.

LEVEL 4 – Book 6: Binary Options: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in the Trenches

Binary options trading has had a checkered past in recent years, so it’s critical that you equip yourself with these cautionary tales so you don’t find yourself in a similar situation. These lessons are straight from the real world marketplace and will provide you with the personal power to weave your way through volatile markets in the best and worst of times.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 1: Residential Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Residential Real Estate

When you possess the know-how for real estate investing, you hold the keys to a brighter, more lucrative future. This essential guide will steer you in the right direction.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 2: Commercial Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Some feel intimidated by commercial real estate investing, which leaves more room for the adventurous, success-minded investors. If that’s you, then this guide is a must have.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 3: Forex Trading Series – How to Trade Forex With The Big Guys.

Trading Forex is not for the squeamish. The first in this series will make it look easy as you dip your toe in the deep end.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 4: Forex Trading Series – Forex Trading Simplified

This guide brings Forex down to earth, putting it in historical perspective and helping you to grasp its complexities so you can better position yourself for bigger rewards.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 5: Forex Trading Series – How To Trade Forex Like A Seasoned Pro

The third installment in this incredible series, you will discover the inner workings of Forex trading so you can leapfrog ahead of the status quo.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 6: Knowledge is Power: The Dow Theory Revealed

Once you know the Dow Theory it will level the playing field. Whether it’s understanding market trends, secondary reactions, or buy and sell signals, this guide will give you the power to trade with more confidence.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 7: Just the Facts About American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

American Depository Receipts (ADRs) represent a global trading alternative that can work in your favor IF you know what you’re doing.This guide will lay out the 3 levels of ADR Programs while explaining the fees, rates and risks involved. Buying shares in foreign companies can be cost effective when you know the facts, which is what this informative guide is all about.

*LEVEL 5 – Book 8: Secrets To Getting Traction With Momentum Trading

Day trading used to be reserved for the professional speculators. Not anymore. When you know the history, techniques and strategies of Momentum Trading you will quickly see the bigger picture, and be better prepared for entering this risky but potentially highly profitable arena.

*LEVEL 6 – Book 1: Investment Principles


  • Investing Principles You Use To Multiply Your Future
  • Buffett’s Rule About Playing Chess
  • Chess Applies To You, Too
  • Here’s Why You Leave The Analysis To Your Expert Advisor
  • Remember How Experts Look At a World Class Mutual Fund?
  • Investment Personality Test
    • Part 1: Investment goals
    • Part 2: Risk tolerance
    • Part 3: Ability to cope with uncertainty
  • Life Changes
  • You May Start Aggressive And Wind Up Conservative
  • Your Moderate Approach Trends Towards The Balanced Mode
  • You Should Measure Your Risk Tolerance
  • Strong Recovery Based On Astute Fund Management
  • Terms most frequently used relating to Retirement Investments
  • Insurance Products Investment-Related Terms

*LEVEL 6 – Book 2: Time Value of Money


  • Your Personal Starter Guide To Investing
  • Your money will grow
  • The world has grown smaller
  • Before you choose an expert
  • Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans
  • Investments are a part of your life
  • How you can start investing wisely
  • You are part of the world market
  • Don’t believe those wild stories
  • More about Retirement Accounts
  • Guess what’s the odd truth?
  • The alphabet soup of numbered titles
  • You add to your ways to invest
  • Investing beats going into debt
  • You need to be aware of hidden costs
  • Exploring the unknown may pay off
  • You may want to explore options
  • Taking the mystery out of ETFs
  • Your needs create improvements
  • You can learn details that are simple
  • The changing picture for 401 (k)
  • Just when does the taxman cometh?
  • You can almost hear the boom!
  • Welcome to the brave new world of investment change
  • You boomers will live longer
  • The high cost of health care
  • Removing the Safety Net
  • What does this mean to you?
  • Converting savings into income
  • Your own personal pension
  • Economic Growth
  • Exploring modern annuities
  • Learn how annuities work
  • Perks in tax deferral
  • Retirement income
  • Fixed and variable annuities
  • Tax provisions mean a lot
  • The basis for your stability
  • A bullet-proof system
  • Guarantees
  • General Investment-Related Terms
  • Insurance Products Investment-Related Terms

*LEVEL 6 – Book 3: Real Estate Investment Trust (R.E.I.T.)


  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) – Your Guide To Wealth
  • Where there is fear there is opportunity!
  • Tax Benefits
  • Long Term Benefits
  • Building a Cash Flow Machine
  • International Housing Price Trends
  • Real Estate Investment Trust’s
  • (REIT’S) Explained
  • Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Professional Management
  • Taxation
  • Retirement or income for living expenses
  • Real Estate Investment Trust Sectors
  • Example Of The Revenue And Expenses Of a 250 Unit Project
  • Terms most frequently used relating to Real Estate Investment Trusts

LEVEL 6 – Book 4 : ETF Trading Series Part 1 – Knowledge Is Power

Yes, knowledge is indeed power when it comes to Exchange Traded Funds. You’ll be in the know when you begin devouring this amazing series.

LEVEL 6 – Book 5: ETF Trading Series Part 2 – The Hidden Keys To Success

Ready for more ETF? This installment will reveal hidden pathways to trading that may have eluded others.

*LEVEL 6 – Book 6: ETF Trading Series Part 3 -Know What The Experts Know

This is the quintessential manual for expert ETF comprehension as you move toward a higher plateau in your quest for total financial freedom.

*LEVEL 6 – Book 7 Options Trading – A Birds Eye View

Discover how to increase income against current stock holdings, learn about buying and selling, the value of options, the details of calls and puts, and much more. Once you know the overview, you will be able to advance into options trading more quickly and easily.

*LEVEL 6 – Book 8: Options Trading – The Ins and Outs of Options Trading

Options trading has made dramatic shifts in people’s financial fortunes, for better and worse. Your knowledge of the inner workings of this technique will give you the positive shifts you’re looking for.

*LEVEL 6 – Book 9: Options Trading – The Options Trading Deep Dive

What is the Black-Scholes model? How about the Cox-Rubenstein Option Pricing Model? Put/Call Parity? When you have this guide at your disposal you will gain this insider knowledge and a deeper mastery of options pricing, profit and loss diagrams and much more.

Level 6 – Book 10: Forex Trading Series – Thriving in the Forex Marketplace

Can you be a big fish in a big pond? You can if you know the history and can put in in the right present-day marketplace perspective. This guide will show you the way, with information on the Bank for International Settlements, steps for building a Forex trading model and much more.

Level 6 – Book 11: Forex Trading Series – Advanced Forex Techniques

Go inside the “shadow banking system” and into the world of derivative contracts and you will open up a new world of Forex trading opportunities based on real world knowledge and expertise. This guide will give you that ability, as you explore common derivative contract types, currency trading and much more.

Level 6 – Book 12: Forex Trading Series – The Ultimate Forex Trading Resource

This comprehensive guide will give you in depth reviews and comparisons of the top Forex brokers and platforms so you can make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to Forex trading. You will even learn how to choose a trading computer and how to trade through your bank. This guide is a must for anyone even remotely interested in the world of Forex trading.

Level 6 – Book 13: Bond Investing Secrets Part 1

Learn the fundamentals of bond investing, discover the different types of bonds and understand the financial terms of a bond as you start your journey into a deeper knowledge of this critical investment option in your portfolio.

Level 6 – Book 14: Bond Investing Secrets Part 2

Level 6 – Book 15: Bond Investing Secrets Part 3

Level 6 – Book 16: Elliot Wave Theory Demystified: Practitioners Tell All

In his 1938 book The Wave Principle and his 1946 work Nature’s Laws: The Secret of the Universe, RN Elliot introduced and then expanded on his Wave Theory that would become one of the most prolific ways of watching market trends, and market technicians still use it today. This guide will explain each wave and give you a working knowledge of why it’s such a significant approach to market tendencies.

Level 6 – Book 17: Mature Investor Series – Change Your Investments

Life is all about change, and in this volume we deconstruct all the ways that life changes, and market changes, can have an impact on how you invest. Whether it’s saving for college, preparing for a comfortable retirement, or adjusting to market fluctuations, this guide will give you a nice comfort level.

Level 6 – Book 18: Mature Investor Series – Dividend GoldMine

From dividend reinvestment plans to Money Tree rules and much more, this is a must have guide to making smart decisions with dividends. This handy resource even includes a list of dividend growth calculators you can find online, as well as a multitude of charts that brings it all down to earth.

Level 6 – Book 19: Mature Investor Series – Real Estate

In this volume we examine the world of Real Estate Investment Trusts, from its history all the way to present day investment strategies and even real life decision scenarios. This is the perfect way to kick off this investment series designed to help Baby Boomers make their best retirement decisions.

Level 6 – Book 20: Critical Tips for Investing in the Healthcare Insurance Sector

Competition has driven Healthcare insurance companies to merge at a rate that complicates standings for investment purposes. Today’s leaders may not be tomorrow’s leaders. But in the healthcare industry that generates $2.7 trillion each year, the size of the insurer begins to emerge from investment analysis as a critical factor. The reason keeps popping up wherever you look. As Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Aetna likes so say, “like politics, all healthcare is local.”

Level 6 – Book 21: Fundamentals of Investing in the Lucrative Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is becoming the most dominate sector of the American economy, employing one out of every eight American workers, includes 16 million jobs, generates approximately $2.7 trillion each year, and for investment analysis can be divided into 16 functioning parts or sectors. This exclusive series titled Cycle Analytics will help the investor identify investment opportunities within that $2.7 trillion complex sector by sector. The largest single piece of that investment pie is created by private health insurance premiums of $1 trillion a year and is projected to grow 6.4 percent in 2015.

Level 6 – Book 22: How to Start Investing in Many of the 16 Healthcare Sectors

At the beginning of 2015 popular media sites proclaimed, “Obamacare isn’t the only reason why health insurer stocks have been so hot though. They are part of a broader rally in the health care sector.” The Health Care Select Sector SPDR (XLV) exchange-traded fund, which owns most of the big insurers but also holds drug giants like Pfizer (PFE), Merck (MRK) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY), had beaten the market in 2014. It was up early in 2015 while the S&P 500 declined.

Level 6 – Book 23: Fundamentals of Investing in the Consumer Discretionary Sector

Among the different market types the Consumer Discretionary Sector is closely watched during a recession because its components are the first to turn up in anticipation of a bottom in the economy. That’s why the sector is also known as the Cyclicals. When stocks in the sector start up, then in general technology stocks are not far behind. These two groups are the big leaders at the beginning of a bull run in the stock market. The Consumer Discretionary Sector encompasses those industries that tend to be the most sensitive to economic cycles. Its manufacturing segment includes automotive, household durable goods, textiles & apparel and leisure equipment. The services segment includes hotels, restaurants and other leisure facilities, media production and services, and consumer retailing and services.

Level 6 – Book 24: The Consumer Discretionary Sector – Addressing the Impacts of Investing

Among the different market types the Consumer Discretionary Sector is closely watched because it has always been particularly sensitive to many different weathervane changes. If you want to know what’s going to happen a few months down the road, keep your eye on the Cyclicals. As noted in the first installment of this series, the Consumer Discretionary Sector encompasses both manufacturing and services segments. Its manufacturing segment includes automotive, household durable goods, textiles & apparel and leisure equipment. The services segment includes hotels, restaurants and other leisure facilities, media production and services, and consumer retailing and services.

Level 6 – Book 25: How to Invest in Consumer Discretionary Sector Companies

Level 6 – Book 26: Fundamentals of Investing in the Basic Materials Sector

Basic Materials are fundamentally what the world is made of and offer solid investment opportunities depending on where the economy appears to be at any given time during the ever-moving economic cycle. Your fundamental investing approach therefore should be to keep an eye on economic indicators to help predict the cycle’s rotation. Among the different market types the Basic Materials Sector often signals progress in emerging from a recessionary dip in the business cycle. Fundamentally it indicates businesses and governments are spending money on building which obviously requires Basic Materials with which to build. But there are 17 categories of Basic Materials to track. They don’t all respond to early demand in the same way. That’s why investors should learn a little more about tracking the broader picture as sketched by the leading indicators. Learning to read leading indicators helps you anticipate what’s likely to happen next.

Level 6 – Book 27: Understanding the Basic Materials Sector as an Investment

Basic Materials are separated into 17 categories. Each group has its own investment attractions. This second installment in this three-part series will briefly sketch each of the categories so investors will have a better understanding of what they might be investing in. As previously stated Basic Materials are fundamentally what the world is made of and offer solid investment opportunities depending on where the economy appears to be at any given time during the ever-moving economic cycle. Your fundamental investing approach therefore should be to keep an eye on economic indicators to help predict the cycle’s rotation.

Level 6 – Book 28: The Basic Materials Sector as an Investment – Advanced Methodologies

This series of three installments has looked first at the fundamentals of Basic Materials. Part II examined the intermediate view of what impacts different elements within the sector. This third installment will show some of the companies in many of the 17 segments of Basic Materials that may offer investment opportunities. Investors are reminded that investors should learn to consider all aspects of a company, including market price, market cap, price/earnings ratios, return on equity, dividend yield, long-term debt to equity, price to book value, net profit margin, price to free cash flow, and anything else that matters. To really get a solid perspective on the tons of data available, investors should check the possibility of using the SNL Financial resources.

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