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Money In & Money Out

We Have Multiple Ways of Accepting Payments

Fast Access To Your Money

We understand cash flow is your friend and we have everything already in place to ensure a smooth operation.

Our safe and secure money in solution means you can grow your team fast without them having to jump through hoops to pay to join. We also have stringent anti-fraud measures so that you can operate your business in a positive way without the fear of claw-backs and negative adjustments.

Currently, for our members’ convenience, we have multiple ways of accepting payments worldwide –

  • Payza (Wallet, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • SolidTrust Pay (wallet and Credit Card payments)
  • SafetyPay (Latin America & parts of Europe)
  • Bitcoin

We also work closely with active Leaders of large teams – to provide possible solutions where needed. Often these are required in situations where bank accounts and credit / debit cards are not commonly available or used. Feel free to request further information if required.

Most importantly, our commission payout solution is extremely fast. Your earnings withdrawal requests are paid every Tuesday (USA Timezone). Our payroll partner provides you with the ability to receive funds instantly. No waiting for 7-14 days for each payout to settle.

Get Paid

You can receive your withdrawals in the following ways


SolidTrust Pay


No Restrictions

Bank Transfer and International Bank Wire

U.S.A. bank transfers

- Get paid directly to your existing bank account.

Bank Wires

- For amounts above $3000.00

Of course, charges will be incurred in keeping with normal banking practices.

Overall, our streamlined and secure process of paying money in and taking money out will ensure that you and your members never lose the momentum or confidence required to grow a healthy team and business.

Please Click Here to visit our FAQs for more in-depth information about our safe and secure money in and money out methods.

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