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Hi Dear Entrepreneur and Potential Business Partner,

Thank You so Much for taking Your Valuable and Precious Time to Visit my 4 Corners Money Matters Information Web Profile. I Value and Cherish Your Interest and Support!

You may be having the following pertinent question lingering in your mind, "Who Exactly is David Kapalu and What Exactly does he do for his Life?"

Well, David Kapalu is a gentleman who is aged 46 years old. Born on the 13th of October, 1973, in Livingstone, the Tourist Capital of the Republic of Zambia, Central Africa. He is currently working for Zambia Airports Corporation Limited (Formerly known as National Airports Corporation Limited), a Parastatal Organization involved in the Civil Aviation Industry. His current work station is Lusaka International Airport (now called "Kenneth Kaunda International Airport").

He is also involved in this very 4 Corners Smart Global Part-Time Business Opportunity that helps him to supplement his income. He is a Versatile Businessman who runs his own independent individual businesses as well as this very part time business. He's someone who believes in having Multiple Sources of Incomes. He does not believe in Job Security. He believes in Financial Freedom!!!

He is also a Mentor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Real Estate Property Investment Consultant as well as an Internet Marketing Specialist and Trainer. He happens to be a Business Presenter and Trainer for a certain Multi – National Company.

He's been a Consultant in Online Marketing for several Small and Medium sized business entities including Multi – National Companies. He specializes in teaching People and Corporate entities how to develop and market their businesses and/or products and services on the Internet using Free and Paid internet marketing strategies. He's someone who understands internet marketing inside-out and continues to study this vast subject on a regular basis. He is the premier go to guy when it comes to learning and applying internet marketing strategies in your business in Zambia, Southern Africa.

He is also the author of the best selling Booklet entitled, 'Fantastic Business Opportunity – How to Make $1,000 in Your Spare Time Talking to People '. He is a prolific writer of a number of empowering online articles on personal development, real estate investing and health tips on Facebook, WordPress and on his real estate business website in the online community. He is also a contributing author in a certain popular Zambian business magazine titled "This Is Zambia".

He has also featured on a number of popular radio shows like "The Moment of Empowerment Radio Show" on Yatsani Community Radio Station – 99.10fm - a radio program that seeks to empower the common man with vital information and survival skills.

He studied Prosections at National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) and majored in Public Prosecutions and happened to be the Best Student in the same course at a Graduation Ceremony held at the same institution in Lusaka the Capital City of the Republic of Zambia, on Friday the 26th of September, in the year 2003.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Law with the Zambian Open University of the Republic of Zambia. He is currently in his final year of study ending this year December, 2020.

He is the kind of person who distills knowledge into simple, practical and applicable steps to help You achieve your Goals and Dreams in real record time!

Moreover, the main reason or purpose he joined and started this very 4 Corners part time smart business opportunity was because he was sick and tired of working for other people.

"Ive always hated the idea of working for someone else due to the fact that a JOB (Just Over Broke) will never make me RICH! As Mr. Kennedy Musonda a business columnist in the former post-newspapers of Zambia put it and I quote him, 'It is difficult to create wealth from a JOB because an employee only serves one client who pays him or her a salary and that is the Employer. But the employer serves several people at the same time. He or she is able to duplicate himself or herself through employees and well established business systems.'

And therefore, this is the main reason why I started this very part-time business in order to supplement my income. And why I created this web profile because I want to meet, network and give back to others as well as my fellow employees who are in the same situation just like I’m ……and hopefully my little story can help inspire YOU discover a better alternative just like I did when I started doing this smart business on a part-time basis being my own boss. But before I get into all of this, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

First things first.

PERSONAL MISSION: My Personal Mission is:

“To help create a minimum of 500,000 empowered and enlightened millionaires and/or entrepreneurs in dollar terms by the year 2030”.

The question you should be asking yourself is not whether I’m going to manage to achieve this target but rather whether you will be one of the 500,000 entrepreneurs. I already have about 20 entrepreneurs working with me to empower themselves and their families and that leaves a balance of 499,980 people or entrepreneurs remaining to meet this target!!

PERSONAL VISION: My Personal Vision is:

“To be a conveyor-belt for financial and business empires development for others and myself whose main objective is to empower their families and my family including the disadvantaged people in Zambia in particular and the rest of the world in general. I shall achieve this by positively and continuously contributing to other people’s success through profitable and sustainable investments in a proactive manner”.

I happen to be the first born son in my family. I was born on the 13th of October, 1973 in Livingstone, the Tourist Capital of the Republic of Zambia, Southern Africa. I come from the north-western part of Zambia. I’am luvale by tribe. I’am married to Dyna Mpande a Tumbuka Lady from the eastern part of Zambia. We have four children, two boys namely David Kapalu Junior and Alfred Chinyama Kapalu and two girls namely Helen Kapalu and Hope Kapalu.

I did most of my education in the southern part of Zambia. However, upon completing my senior secondary education, I never had the chance of going to any university. And even if I had that chance, my parents wouldn’t have managed to sponsor me because at that time they happened to be in serious liquidity problems. This therefore prompted me to start looking for a JOB (Just Over Broke) to help me raise some money for my college education.

I worked for different organizations in various capacities. My first job as a school leaver was working as an Office Orderly for an organization known as Narada Enterprises. This job involved cleaning offices, collecting mail from the post-office and making tea for others in the said organization. Then I did untrained teaching in the Ministry of Education for a year till the time I joined the Zambian Constabulary as a Regular Police Officer. I rose through the ranks up to the rank of Inspector. Whilst in the constabulary, I did a number of legal courses that ended up making me to work as a Public Prosecutor in our Zambian Subordinate Courts. I then later on resigned from the Zambian Constabulary to join a certain parastatal organization namely Zambia Airports Corporation Limited as an Aviation Security Assistant, a company I still work for up to now!

I enjoy reading good and empowering books on Wealth Creation and Investing. My favorite Books are Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book Series, Think and Grow Rich, Cracking the Millionaire Code-What Rich People Know that you don’t know About, Why we want you to be rich, Unlimited Power, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Military Strategy, The Power of Positive Thinking, John Maxwell on Leadership, Power of Vision and the Bible.

My favorite authors are : Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Dr. Myles Monrue and Edward De Bono. My wish would be to be mentored by investors like Warren Buffer, Donald Trump and not forgetting Robert Kiyosaki himself. I follow the advice of these people keenly when it comes to business matters and life in general.

On the Zambian Local scene, I enjoy reading and following the Newspaper articles written by Chibamba Kanyama, Mubita Nawa and Namucana Musiwa. I also used to enjoy reading Mr. Kennedy Musonda’s articles on wealth creation though he has stopped writing recently. I would also love to thank my other close business partners I’m currently working with in my businesses too. To you I say Bravo!!

I enjoy networking with others, sharing good ideas, books as well as any other good material on personal development. I’m someone who loves competition very much because it helps me to improve my life skills. I love adventure as well as sight-seeing the wonders of this world. I’m a risk-taker who doesn’t look at the negative side of things but the positive side with great expectations of achieving whatever I embark on. I love taking calculated business risks because I believe business and life in general is all about risks. I’m a very focused person who believes in working smarter and not harder.

I love playing the Game of Chess. It is actually my favorite Sport. It intrigues and interests me so much because it helps me become analytical and creative in business and life in general. That’s why I teach my children how to play this game. In the near future, I intend to write a blog post or article about the important lessons people can learn or deduce as a result of playing this game on a regular basis. I intend to be a Chess Grand-Master someday. It doesn’t matter how long this will take me because I play it for fun. I also love watching soccer especially the English League. Chelsea is my Team. I’m a Blue Fun! Don’t ask me why!! I just love the team. I’m also a Health and Fitness guy because I believe in taking good care of my health physically, mentally and spiritually. I love karate and judo for my self-defense.

I love extremely good music. No preferences as long as it is good music. Slow tracks, rhythm and blues, gospel, reggae, rev v etc. Anything! I listen to it as long as it soothes my soul. My favorite songs on the international scene include; life for rent by Dido, heal the world by Michael Jackson, jasmine flower by Ken G, and God will make a way by Don Moen.

I love watching Movies especially comical and action oriented ones. My favorite movies are: Coming to America by Eddie Murphy, True Lies by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Passion of the Christ directed by Mel Gibson, and The Godfather. Favorite actors are Eddy Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Segal, Wesley Snipes, Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifa and Mr. Bean.

Right now, I’m currently working for Zambia Airports Corporation Limited. I have kept changing jobs from one company to the other for nothing other than financial reasons. This lack of adequate financial resources has been a major reason for my nomadic movement from company to company. This was all done in search of a better salary to solve my never ending monthly problems such as rentals, school fees for my children as well as my college tuition fees for my Advanced Diploma Course in Business Management, electricity bills, water bills and many other monthly commitments. Moreover, I discovered similar work related problems in all the organizations that I worked for. As I earlier on alluded to in my opening remarks, I have always despised the idea of working for someone else due to the fact that SOME of the people in these organizations I used to work for including the current one used to get on my nerves. Some were ill-qualified for certain positions. Others were promoted not on merit but because they happened to be in good books with some senior bosses in the respective organizations. It was all about who you knew that mattered and not your capabilities or qualifications. I remember vividly an incident whilst working in the Zambian State Constabulary Service as a Public Prosecutor at the rank of Sub-Inspector in which some junior police-officer who had recently passed-out (graduated) from the police training school being promoted to the rank of full-inspector just after some months in the force. He was under my tutelage as a trainee Public Prosecutor. But because he happened to be related to my senior bosses in the force, he got promoted faster and ended up being my immediate supervisor even though I was better qualified both in terms of experience and qualification wise. As you can see and emotionalize, this really angered me terribly. “what?” A junior officer who was being tutored by me becoming my boss and giving me orders!! I said NO to this and immediately made up my mind to leave the constabulary for good.

To echo these problems of having unqualified individuals getting promoted to positions of authority even when they don’t qualify, here is what the Bible has to say about it in Ecclesiastes 10:5-7 and I quote, ' There is another evil I have seen under the sun. Kings and Rulers make a grave mistake when they give great authority to foolish people and low positions to people of proven worth. I have even seen servants riding horse-backs like princes- and princes walking like servants.'- ( New Living Translation).

And that’s how I found myself working for this parastatal organization I’m with up to now.

I love and enjoy my current job. I work with really nice people. My current bosses are suitably qualified people for their jobs and I get along with every one of them very WELL!! I have no problems whatsoever with any one of them. I also get along with many of my co-workers very WELL and I have no problems whatsoever with any one of them as well!! Moreover, my current job pays me a really good salary which enables me to live a decent life as well as meet most of my monthly commitments. The other thing I love about my current job is that it enables me to meet different kinds of people which is actually good for me because it helps me to polish up my people skills.

However, my current job just like any other job, has its own demerits as well. The first demerit is that it can never make me extremely Wealthy or Rich as I would wish to be!! It just makes me survive. The other demerits range from awkward working hours, standing for long hours sometimes at the place of work, waking up early in the morning, early pick-ups by our staff-bus before you actually get ready and the irritating hooting by the staff-bus drivers who come to pick me up from my home to the annoyance of my neighbors who constantly complain to me for the disturbance in the morning.

However, all of this Changed when I discovered a certain Company called 4 Corners Alliance Group and its Unique and Instant Downloadable Financial Education Information Digital Products!!

Like when I was first told by someone about how I could earn myself a supplemental income doing this business with this very company, I didn’t believe the person who told me about it at first. I put off this idea of making money on a part-time basis. I just thought it wasn’t a serious business and that it would never work out for me going by my previous experiences that I’ve had with all the other organizations I had worked for in the past. I just thought this was yet another company which was there to keep me busy in my spare time for nothing. And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t prepared for that. I told the gentleman to leave me alone for I was happy where I was receiving a living wage. But then due to his continuous persistence and constant nagging, I reluctantly said okay just to get him off my back and got started with the business on a very slow note!

SO, within a few days of reluctantly, seriously and critically looking and/or analyzing the whole business concept of this Company and the digital financial education information products offered, my whole perception of this business immediately Changed! I got extremely excited for the first time ever in my life. The potential in terms of income one could earn was extremely awesome and unbelievable! e.g. such as earning as high as $559,000 (approximately K5 Million - Zambian Local Currency Money in just a five (5) year period if one took this very business on a serious note that is!!!.

Moreover, the problems I talked about earlier on about having some unqualified individuals getting promoted was completely eliminated with this business system. Only individuals who deserved to be promoted got promoted. No favoritism involved. Actually the Computer System did the promotion based on one’s performance or results in the company. No need of getting to know the people who mattered the most in the organization in order to get promoted. With this business model, a person’s qualifications such as degrees or PhD no longer mattered any more!!. What mattered are the results you produced with these same qualifications you possessed. If you produced no results even if you were highly qualified, the system would never promote you or even pay you a cent! This is the most interesting aspect I like about this business model. You get paid or recognized according to your own input and output and NOT according to how well educated you are. There is no limit as to how much one can earn per month. You set the salary yourself. No More Strikes or asking for salary adjustments every year from your bosses!! You get to determine how much you want to earn per month.

I have actually personally started earning a supplemental income from this very part-time business from this company. Though the income is not yet enough to make me live a life of my dreams but the company’s business model as well as its compensation plan gives me hope and excitement!!!!!

So, go right ahead and get started with this very smart business opportunity right now. Get in touch with me right now on +260 966 388525 / +260 955 168754 / +260 977 805045 or simply WHATSAPP Me on +260 966 388525 and I should be able to get back to You in record time to help You with the whole Application and Registration Process"!