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You must to do something to make money, regardless of taking a very small action or big one. Even if it is just sending emails - that's still considered as taking actions.

To create wealth and becoming a millionaire, you need to have a vehicle or platform. Obviously, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from today and it becomes "mystifying" when you don't know of your purpose.

This is the income that you'll need today and within the next 30 days. Ultimately, this is your life line - you need money right now to not only enjoy your lifestyle, but as fund for your journey to financial freedom.

Bare in mind that Opportunity can change at any time. Just think it as the vehicle to get you from one place to another place, you're trying to get from your current level to a higher financial level.

I have helped a lot of people get started on their journey to success. You have to remember this Wash-Rinse-Repeat and you can never get off course.