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Hello. Thank you for reading my profile.
My name is Frederick Jaeger and I have been involved in Network Marketing for the past sixteen yeas and have seen and tried most everything. Some of it good and some just plain rip-offs. A trial and error experience by leaning from the school of hard knocks.

I do not recommend doing what is called multi-streaming; which is being involved in several businesses and trying promoting them
all at once. To do this is expensive and instead of doing and promoting one business well, your time and effort is divided and instead of doing one thing well you are doing several poorly. In my opinion no one should attempt multi streaming until they are earning an income from just one business, and stick to that business and give it time to produce income for you.

In a book written by Robert Collier, entitled " The Secret Of The Ages, In his 1975 27th edition I found the following thoughts of inspiration.

The study of the life story of the successful men in all walks of life will illustrate this principle to you so forcibly that, having perceived it, you will never again doubt its absolute truth.In practically every case you will find that these successful men have been knocked down, and bowled out, many times in the early days of their careers - often even later n life. But the knock-out, though perhaps dazing them for a short time, never robbed them of their gameness, their will-to-succeed. They always arose to their feet before they were counted out; and they always firmly, but resolutely, faced Fate.Thought their "heads were bloody, the were unbowed,"

As Henley triumphantly chants. Fate cannot defeat such a spirit; in time, Destiny recognizes the fact that " Here is a man*" - and being feminine, she falls in love with him and bestows her favors upon him.

* This was written before the political correctness of including him/her.

When I am not working on my internet marketing I enjoy spending time with the most wonderful wife and woman a man could ever wish to have. I also work twenty-nine hours a week as a Public Safety Security . I enjoy gardening and reading of all genres. I consider myself a self made scholar on Edgar Allan Poe and our American Civil War. I also enjoy folk music, Irish music, Country music and old tunes from the Civil War.