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Danny Meehan

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I'm a former United States Navy Chief Petty Officer and I'm here to tell you that if I can learn and earn money as a Four Corners associate and business coach, you can too!

Before becoming a Four Corners sales consultant, I published a 48-page monthly national home business tabloid for 15 years. A few years ago, when the economy took a nose dive, so did the print advertising business. If that weren't bad enough, printing costs skyrocketed, newsprint prices spiraled off the charts and, of course, everyone knows that postage rates continue to rise every year. All my money was being plowed back into my publishing business due to all the increasing expenses. I was working 80 hours per week just to pay my printer and the post office. I wasn't even making minimum wage!

I was fortunate enough to discover this Four Corners opportunity and was able to start my online Four Corners Alliance Group business for less than what it cost me to purchase a large pizza. Now I'm able to work less hours and make lots more profit using just my computer and a smart phone…right from the comfort of my home office.

Remember, there's zero inventory to purchase and just a modest one time $18 startup investment. That's all you'll ever pay. NO MOTHLY FEES EVER. Plus, you'll receive plenty of online and my personal assistance.

Join me in this "financial revolution" which is sweeping the Four Corners of the world. It's powerful, affordable and fast!

Now, it's up to you. I invite you to check out my Four Corners Alliance Group business opportunity right now!

Danny Meehan
44207 W. Knauss Drive
Maricopa, AZ 85138

Phone: (520) 208-6489
Fax: (520) 208-6490