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Retail Commissions

Take Advantage from the Day Your Join!


The Retail Store is a very unique perk of being an Independent Business Partner with 4Corners.

Your Retail Store comes ready for you to take full advantage of from the day you join. It is pre-loaded with all our Financial Literacy products. It has a built in shopping cart which takes care of the entire process, and the products are made available for your purchaser to download straight away.

As a member, you pay a discounted price for these products. However, you will be able to sell the Products directly from your Retail Store to non-members for the full retail price of each product. In these instances, you will earn eighty percent of the total commission payout pool and your Sponsor will receive the remaining 20%. For example, If a book in the store sells for USD $17.00, The company keeps $2.00, and you will receive $12.00, and your Sponsor will receive $3.00.

Any support issues related to the products are taken care of by our Support Team – leaving you to simply benefit from the income generated from your sales ……. RETAIL INCOME AT ITS VERY BEST!

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Income From Products Sold

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