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You are an Independent Business Owner partnering with Four Corners Alliance Group to earn money. All you need is the desire to supplement or even completely replace your current income – together with the drive to DO something about it.

Please note before reading on: As an active subscriber of the Monthly Newsletter and a purchaser of the 4Corners Product Range, you will AUTOMATICALLY be purchasing the required PV (Product Volume) to remain a qualified affiliate.

The breakdown is as follows –

  • To open an affiliate account with us requires an enrollment fee of $8.00. Purchasing product is optional and not required to earn from your sales.
  • To activate that account so that you can start benefiting from commissions, where you are not the Sponsor, you need to sell a minimum product volume (pv) of $10 per month.
  • To maintain your Active Membership status, you need to sell a minimum $10.00 pv per 90 days thereafter.

Monthly pv can happen in 2 ways, either you sell the pv from your recruiting efforts, or from the Retail Store, to stay an active affiliate and qualify to receive commissions where you are not the sponsor.

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