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Shannon Lesley

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Hello investor,

My name is Shannon lesley I am a 38 yr old disabled man focusing on a work from home career to continue my journey to gain wealth.

This quest started in 2012 when i was terminated from my job as an educator for what i felt was due to my disability, However the job just wasn't the same so i was happy to leave.

I figured out from working jobs here or there that i wasn't suited for employment. I couldn't take putting in time and depending on an employer to tell me what i am worth.

I decided to look for a program that was honest, helpful, and affordable. I din't want to break the little bank i had to create something new. Time and time again I became disappointed in the results.

Until i found the right program to train me in creating an online business. This program took 'me' the know nothing about computers to the proud owner of 2 developed websites that i am building out content to.

Finally i am creating goals and action plans, sticking to them and achieving success for myself and it feels great.

Creating the foundation takes work an constant action so it's important to stick to a schedule. I hope to meet new people and build a structure of gaining income and enjoying life abundantly.

Below are my social media tags so feel free to follow and i can answer any questions you may have about working from home.

Thank you for reading,
Shannon kamal lesley