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Premier Weekly Program & Sponsor's Matching Commissions

Remember, with Four Corners, when you are an active affiliate you qualify for FIVE massive streams of income from our company wide forced matrix – let’s now look at Income Streams 3 and 4.


Remember, with Four Corners, when you are an active affiliate you qualify for FIVE massive streams of income from our company wide forced matrix – let’s now look at Income Streams 3 & 4.


A USD $2.00 commission is paid to the seller, and a $2.00 Matching commission is paid to the Sponsor of the seller

Premier Weekly Program sale price: USD $7.00 which included the Fundamental Analysis Charts and the weekly Entrepreneur Newsletter.

In addition to the income streams 1 & 2 , you can also earn recurring commissions from the sales of the PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM.

Your participation to the PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM includes Fundamental Analysis Charts, and a powerful supporting educational newsletter exclusively provided to us from our highly successful Financial Services friends.

You will receive the PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM commission from people you have enrolled in the PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM .

Now, the really big income is in the 100% match, there is UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL

OK are you ready? – Strap yourself in, because you’re going to learn how to DOUBLE THAT!


4. SPONSOR’S 100% MATCH ON THE PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM COMMISSIONS Sponsor’s Matching Commissions on PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM commissions take your earnings to a whole new level as you receive unlimited matching commissions from your directly sponsored members EVERY TIME they receive a commission from a sale to participates in the PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM.

And remember... this is weekly RECURRING income, every entrepreneur’s Holy Grail…

If someone you sponsored collects commissions from their entire team of $200 from the PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM, you collect $200.00 instantly.

Exactly the same happens in relation to every personally sponsored member and yes, you get MULTIPLE 100% matching commissions instantly – because YOU introduced the person receiving the commission.

The chart below is an example of the potential 100% Matching commission you can earn from your front row of four personally sponsored members.

Disclaimer The is an example only. Your results will vary based on your experience and willingness to work. Average yearly income in the industry is $200

Naturally, those who do actively build their team reap the benefits of unlimited income potential by receiving a 100% matching commission on the commission their directly sponsored members receive.

But don’t forget... the commission explained on this page is only a small part of the “do the job once get paid FIVE times” benefit of being an Independent Business Owner with the Four Corners Alliance Group!

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Every once in a while something comes along that breaks the mould. The DYNAMIC MATRIX

Introduced for the first time in Four Corners Alliance Group Version 3.0, the concept of the dynamic matrix is to provide options in building your team.


We decided that there can be a strategic advantage in building your matrix wide. Especially in the Financial Education Matrix where taking advantage of one time commissions over more than four front row positions helps build a meaningful base of income from which to build more teams, therefore more opportunity for more matching commissions.


Firstly, you must sponsor four people to enable your ability to add people to your front row.

We have provided a mechanism for you to send a unique invitation link to a person you deem to be a benefit to your front row. You can send additional invitation links up to a maximum of six, giving you a total of ten front row positions from which to build.

Each of your downline positions will remain 4 wide until one of those people decide to expand their matrix in the same way.

Imagine, ten personally sponsored front row positions earning you commissions and matches from two programs. Why don't you take a moment and dream about your income potential.

Four Corners has truly pulled out all the stops when it comes to ensuring you benefit from MULTIPLE streams of healthy income!

You can learn more about the FIVE income streams by clicking on the links below.

Income Streams 1 & 2

Affiliate Commissions & Sponsor’s 100% Match on Affiliate Commissions

Income Streams 3, & 4

PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM Commissions, & Sponsor’s Match on PREMIER WEEKLY PROGRAM Commissions

Income Stream 5

Retail Commission

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